Jan. 29th, 2009

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-MOVING, OMG. Am moving Saturday. Am about 1/4 packed. Anyone who wants to spend a bit of Saturday lifting things with me in exchange for food and my eternal gratitude should drop me a line.

-I've had a couple of really good conversations in the past week that totally rewired things in my brain, which is always an interesting feeling. One about love and friendship and one about D/s and independence. I may write more about them when I have more time.

-I have downloaded 5 out of 6 existing Backstreet Boys albums this week. \o? This is mostly because I've been reading a lot of old popslash the past couple of months. I'm really quite sad that I missed the boat when the fandom was really active. I am trying to keep from annoying the people around me to the point of homicide with pop music and Nick Carter squee, somewhat less than successfully. I don't know if I have any former popslashers on my flist, but I'd love any recs you might have if I do.

-I found the most awesome Ryan Ross tie at Daiso on Saturday. Sam described it as "drunken paisley".

-Anyone want to beta my Patrick/Dirty sounding fic for [livejournal.com profile] sosodirty towards the end of next week?


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