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FedEx finally called me back, about three weeks after they said they would. I go in tomorrow to do the paperwork.

I almost had a job grooming horses at the racetrack last week, but I had to turn it down because the hours sucked. It was seven days a week, 5 am to noon and longer on weekends one of your horses is racing, and even though it adds up to more than 40 hours a week you don't get overtime because they pay a flat rate per horse per month instead of hourly. (Yes, this is all a little illeagal, but it's the horse industry, I'm not really surprised. You do it because you love them. I'd have taken the job if it wasn't seven days a week.)

Even though I ended up turning it down I did go in Friday and gave it a try (yes, they paid me for my time) and it made me realize how much I really miss the horses. The past seven months that I haven't been riding has been the longest stretch I've gone without being around horses since I started riding when I was nine. Hopefully now that I have a good paying job I'll be able to afford to get back into it.

Getting the job at FedEx also means that Bandcon is probably a go! \o/ I already don't work weekends so it's just a matter of getting the Friday off (and possibly the Thursday? BJ? Do you know when you're thinking of flying out?).

My Big Bang fic is... essentially non-existent. Oh well. I'll still be doing art for someone else's story.
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