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Jun. 14th, 2008 11:32 am
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My life the past couple of weeks has consisted of being crazy busy and working my ass off followed by collapsing exhausted in front of my tv for hours at a time. I haven't been online much and I'm so far behind on my flist that catching has vanished from the realm of possibility. Hopefully, in time, my body will adjust to doing physical work all day and I will be cease being useless on weeknights, but until then I will be watching a lot of Law and Order and So You Think You Can Dance.

One of the things I was busy doing was art for [ profile] fiddleyoumust for [ profile] bigbangbandom. Actually, I did this piece twice, because I'm an idiot who forgot to save as he worked the first time. I got about three-quarters of it done on June 5th, the night it was due (yes, I realize my life would be easier if I stopped procrastinating :P), then my computer crashed and I lost everything I'd done that night. I sent any email to the mods letting them know what had happened, and asking if it would be ok if I got it to them Tuesday as I wouldn't have time to work on it over the weekend between MVK and volunteering on Saturday and D&D on Sunday. I didn't get a reply from the mods until Sunday. At that point I was offline for weekend so I didn't see it until Tuesday, but apparently, because I didn't respond to that email right away, they reassigned the story I was drawing for to a pinch-hitter. Not that they told me they had reassigned it. I found that out after the fact by poking around the pinch-hit post on the bbb artists comm. So I started my piece over Tuesday night and sent it in at four in the morning, which I realize was technically no longer Tuesday but that was the best I could do. I never got a reply from the mods after I sent it in and I can only assume it never got sent to [ profile] fiddleyoumust either, so I'm posting it here.

I tried experimenting with more of a digital-painting type of style here. I like it, but I think I could use more practice as there were definitely times when I was going, "Ack! How do I do this without line art?". I'm actually kind of annoyed with the final piece, but mostly because it looked more like Brendon the first time and I just couldn't get the sketch quite right when I redid it.

Art for There Ain't No Cure For Love by [ profile] fiddleyoumust:


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