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-I'm in Winnipeg visiting for a few days, and I'm an idiot and forgot to pack the half of my laptop cord that actually plugs into the wall, so I am posting this and doing all other internet related things from my phone. This makes putting together the poster I'm supposed to be making this weekend for choir kind of problematic.

-Anyone want to see The Social Network with me while I'm here? For some reason I only really end up going to movies when I'm in Winnipeg.

-Choir concert! January 22! If you are in Vancouver, you should come and see if I actually manage to pull off the a flat in my solo/duet thing!

-My roommate has decided that our house has become decrepit enough that it's time to leave, so I'm going to be moving again March 1st. A friend of ours is taking over our house, which I think is nuts, but apparently she's going to try and fix it, so I wish her luck.

-I'm talking to a couple of friends about getting a place together. R is being typically noncommittal about moving, but S and I have convinced it to look and see if we can find an apartment we all like. They live in the West End and want to stay there, which will be a bit of a pain in the ass commuting to school in Coquitlam, but I'm only there 2-3 days a week and I'm otherwise super excited about the possibility of living with them because they are two of my absolute favorite people.

-School is going pretty well, but the pace is super slow. Why are people so dumb?

-I've been reading a lot of Glee fic, lately. Mostly Puck/Kurt. I have such a love/hate relationship with that show. I wish it would stop trying to be a drama and a comedy at the same time and let all the characters be actual people all the time and not just when they're the main focus of the story arc.

-I got a lovely fic for Make the Yuletide Gay this year. It seems to have been a good year for poly/ethical non-monogamy fic at MTYG, which makes me super happy. I'm thinking I'll put together some recs once I've read everything and have an actual computer.
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