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Fic: The Boys of Summer
Authors: [livejournal.com profile] s0ckpupp3t & [livejournal.com profile] dapatty
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] wilde_stallyn
Fandom: Bandom
Characters: Ray Toro, James Dewees, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero, Brendon Urie, Pete Wentz
Notes: Fanmix for [livejournal.com profile] s0ckpupp3t & [livejournal.com profile] dapatty's [livejournal.com profile] polybigbang fic, The Boys of Summer.

Front Cover )

Back Cover )

1. Down - Lit
2. My Guitar - Jump Little Children
3. Music Again - Adam Lambert
4. Regular Guy - Bif Naked
5. Up Periscope - Drake Bell
6. Growing Into You - Soul Asylum
7. So I Need You - 3 Doors Down
8. I Got You - Nick Carter
9. I Have Mapped the Curves of Your Body - Places and Numbers
10. If I Had You - Adam Lambert
11. Kiwi - Maroon 5
12. Get Gotten - Ben Lee
13. Funtime - Boy George
14. Love Like a Bomb - Oasis

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?1qnb19ukai1tpa2
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Fic: Judgement
Author: [livejournal.com profile] canaana
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] wilde_stallyn
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing(s)/Characters: Nine/Jack/Rose + Mickey
Rating: G
Artist's Notes: Art for [livejournal.com profile] canaana's wonderful [livejournal.com profile] polybigbang fic, Judgement. I chose to illustrate this scene because it is just such a lovely, warm moment of happy poly!family-ness, and I think they deserve some time to just be together, in between all the running from things.

Saturn turned out to be just what they needed. )
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-I'm in Winnipeg visiting for a few days, and I'm an idiot and forgot to pack the half of my laptop cord that actually plugs into the wall, so I am posting this and doing all other internet related things from my phone. This makes putting together the poster I'm supposed to be making this weekend for choir kind of problematic.

-Anyone want to see The Social Network with me while I'm here? For some reason I only really end up going to movies when I'm in Winnipeg.

-Choir concert! January 22! If you are in Vancouver, you should come and see if I actually manage to pull off the a flat in my solo/duet thing!

-My roommate has decided that our house has become decrepit enough that it's time to leave, so I'm going to be moving again March 1st. A friend of ours is taking over our house, which I think is nuts, but apparently she's going to try and fix it, so I wish her luck.

-I'm talking to a couple of friends about getting a place together. R is being typically noncommittal about moving, but S and I have convinced it to look and see if we can find an apartment we all like. They live in the West End and want to stay there, which will be a bit of a pain in the ass commuting to school in Coquitlam, but I'm only there 2-3 days a week and I'm otherwise super excited about the possibility of living with them because they are two of my absolute favorite people.

-School is going pretty well, but the pace is super slow. Why are people so dumb?

-I've been reading a lot of Glee fic, lately. Mostly Puck/Kurt. I have such a love/hate relationship with that show. I wish it would stop trying to be a drama and a comedy at the same time and let all the characters be actual people all the time and not just when they're the main focus of the story arc.

-I got a lovely fic for Make the Yuletide Gay this year. It seems to have been a good year for poly/ethical non-monogamy fic at MTYG, which makes me super happy. I'm thinking I'll put together some recs once I've read everything and have an actual computer.
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I know it's probably a long shot, but does anyone have time to do a quick, last-minute beta for me for my MTYG story in the next few hours? Mostly just checking for any remaining typos and the like. I would be super grateful. *tries to smile winningly*

ETA: I haven't been on lj for, like, a month, obsessive reading of Glee fic not withstanding. If there's anything you think I should have see, link it in the comment. I promise I will post a real entry this week.
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1. I LOVE YOU, KEVIN RICHARDSON. I don't even know what to do with this. Why won't the internet tell me when/how I can see this shit?

(This is the only popslash icon I have atm, and now I'm thinking about this!Lance/Kevin. *__*)

2. SING! I am super excited for more Killjoys video!

I like the song, except for what they've done to Gerard's voice in the verses. Can we just outlaw vocal effects full-stop, please? Nothing is ever improved by them that should even exist in the first place.

Also, is anyone else strangely reminded of Everlasting Love?
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So I guess it’s been, like, a year since I made an actual Life Update-type post. Umm, oops? I took some extended breaks from the internet, but I’m pretty much back now, which I suppose means, it’s time for some Year in Review bullet points:

- I started T last June, and a year in I’m generally really happy with the changes, though I’m really ready for the back acne part of this second puberty thing to be over, thanks. I’m still trying to get a handle on proper facial hair management; this shit is harder than it looks. Do most guys actually learn this stuff from their dads? Because if everyone has to pick it up through osmosis and trial and error, I’m actually really surprised with the overall competence of the male population.

- I’m going back to school in September for my Optician’s certificate. I can’t say it’s something I’m super excited and passionate about, but it seems like an okay day job. I was on a mat leave contract at work and now that my coworker is back they can’t keep me on full time so I’m working part time this summer and will be able to continue while I’m at school.

- I’m not totally giving up on jewelry design, though. I took a basic metal smithing class through continuing ed at VCC this winter, so there’s a bunch of projects I could actually do now, if I had access to the right equipment. Unfortunately, the one place in Vancouver that was renting studio time to the public isn’t in business anymore, and I can’t see the landlady being open to me using even a small torch in our house. I was thinking about trying to find someone with a private studio who wants to rent it out once or twice a month, but I have no idea how to go about tracking someone like that down. Anyway, once I’m done my two years of optician school and put in a year or two in the industry, I’ll see where I am in terms of having enough work for a portfolio to apply to the full time jewelry program at VCC.

- I was sick for most of both February and May, and spent most of the intervening four months avoiding people, both on the internet and in real life. Mostly, what I did was catch up on all the TV I hadn’t watched for two years. I’m pretty much caught up on everything now, except for the second half of this season of Supernatural.

- I’m really ridiculously in love with Doctor Who and Burn Notice, though not in a fic-reading kind of way. I’m honestly a little scared that the fandoms can’t possibly compare to the awesomeness of the canons. If anyone’s got a really phenomenal rec, I’m willing to be proven wrong, though.

- I must admit that I’m not as fond of Matt Smith’s Doctor as I was of David Tennant’s quite yet, but Amy totally makes up for it. I love her so much, OMG.

- Fandom-wise, I’ve been cycling between popslash, Adam Lambert and figure skating. Currently, I’m mostly really obsessed with skating. I just really love this fandom so much in all its complete sparkly ridiculousness. <3 Because you can't take yourself too seriously and like Evan Lysacek at the same time!

- THAT SAID I would be very happy if we could move away from the kinkmeme format now, please. It defeats all the advantages of doing fandom on a lj-type platform and makes it really hard to keep track of everything.

- Also, I would like to state for the record that I really, really hate the word “stan”. (And yet, I’ve been spending so much time reading _skating recently that I keep using it in my head. Please kill me now.)

- The fact that this whole fandom has decided that Evan has pain and humiliation kinks (and keeps actually writing it well) makes me really incredibly happy, guys. Anyone who like boys with issues who don't know what they're doing trying to do BDSM (and I know some of you do) needs to read [livejournal.com profile] neery's Rituals right now. THIS IS THE SWANGOOSE DYNAMIC OF MY HEAAARRRRTT. I WANT TO READ THEM LIKE THIS FOREVER AND EVER.

- I have Backstreet Boys tickets for August! \o/

- One of the things I have learned this year is that I am willing to spend a lot more money to see BSB than Adam Lambert. I feel it's good to know these things about yourself.

So, that's me. How are all of you?
I'm going to be in Winnipeg July 6-19th for Folk Fest and the week after, so people there should tell me what you're schedules are like/if anything interesting is happening!
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I can't wait to see the whole video.

Can has Chipmunk!JC furry!letterboys now, please?
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I promise that I will post a personal update type entry sometime soon, but at the moment I'm too pissed not to say something about this.

I went to see The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus with a friend this afternoon. I didn't really know much about the film going in, other than that Heath Ledger was working on it when he died and Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Collin Farrel stepped in to finish it in his memory. It was an interesting film and visually stunning, but I really wish I hadn't spent money on it because there were some jaw-droppingly racist moments. I will definitely be taking a pass on anything Terry Gilliam directs in the future.

The most fucked up instance was the scene where Verne Troyer's character was RANDOMLY IN BLACKFACE. There was not even an attempt at a bullshit excuse for it. It's only purpose was so a wealthy older white woman could mistake him for a child and scream, "OMG, save the poor black child! Someone call social services!" only to be quickly charmed into forgetting all about it by Heath Ledger's character.

Somewhat less surprising, but still damn skeevy was the Asian cultural appropriation surrounding the main character. When I came home I started googling to see if I could find any mention of the movie's race!fail in any of the reviews or discussion. I couldn't, but I did find an interview with the script's co-writer where he described Doctor Parnassus as "a semi-eastern medicine man". Surely you can see where this is headed.

When the old white guy started his origin story with "Thousands of year ago I was a young monk," I expected he meant a European, Friar Tuck-style monk, but then the flashback happened and there he was in a mountain top monastery full of what appeared to be a mishmash of Buddhist, Taoist and other Asian imagery that followed him for the rest of the film (unfortunately I am not familiar enough with the cultures in question to properly place everything). Doctor Parnassus sat on a dais presiding over a group of Asian monks on magic carpets, who were the ONLY people of colour in the whole film. [ETA: Oh, wait, I forgot the presumed world leaders near the end who, unlike the president, were not important enough to actually get introduced.]

The film doesn't do too well on the sexism front either, what with the shallow, insipid, hysterical and strictly female audience members who are the Doctor's converts and Ledger's character's dupes, and the female lead whose biggest dream is a normal life with a picket fence and two point five children. She is repeatedly described as "the prize" and though it briefly seems like she is going to decide the fate of the plot by making a choice, ultimately her agency is rendered meaningless because, of course, "she's just the prize, she wasn't actually supposed to get to choose".
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-MOVING, OMG. Am moving Saturday. Am about 1/4 packed. Anyone who wants to spend a bit of Saturday lifting things with me in exchange for food and my eternal gratitude should drop me a line.

-I've had a couple of really good conversations in the past week that totally rewired things in my brain, which is always an interesting feeling. One about love and friendship and one about D/s and independence. I may write more about them when I have more time.

-I have downloaded 5 out of 6 existing Backstreet Boys albums this week. \o? This is mostly because I've been reading a lot of old popslash the past couple of months. I'm really quite sad that I missed the boat when the fandom was really active. I am trying to keep from annoying the people around me to the point of homicide with pop music and Nick Carter squee, somewhat less than successfully. I don't know if I have any former popslashers on my flist, but I'd love any recs you might have if I do.

-I found the most awesome Ryan Ross tie at Daiso on Saturday. Sam described it as "drunken paisley".

-Anyone want to beta my Patrick/Dirty sounding fic for [livejournal.com profile] sosodirty towards the end of next week?
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Of course, after making that post last night, the guy from Shaw finally fucking came today and reactivated my phone and internet. So please disregard the part about calling me on my cell phone, as I will be going back to never answering it tonight. I still don't have a working computer of my own yet, but I do have an indulgent roommate. \o/


Jan. 9th, 2009 10:02 pm
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So this week has been an exceedingly boring sort of three ring circus in which I have not had a) a working computer, b)a working internet connection, c) cable tv, or d) a working phone line. I have however had an over-flowing toilet and a strong desire to massacre Shaw employees.

I am currently at my dad`s apartment stealing his internet on my girlfriend`s laptop. I have briefly glanced at a couple of people entries from the past week, but have not really read my flist since Saturday. I take it there was drama?

If you have tried to get a hold of me this week, or want to try to get a hold of me for some unknown number of days into the near future, please call my cell at (778) 668-6909. Any offers of socializing will be exuberantly welcomed as I'm getting somewhat cabin-feverish.

And now I must go before the afore mentioned girlfriend gets too annoyed with me for ignoring her in favour of sweet, sweet internet.
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Somehow, with all the FAD release shenanigans, my reaction is mostly: ANDY TRIMMED HIS BEARD! \o/ *listens to (Coffee's for Closers) on repeat in celebration*

Also, why did the internet feel the need to invent ttyl when Winnie The Pooh already provided us with the perfect acronym in ttfn?


Dec. 15th, 2008 06:02 pm
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Dear Frank Iero,

Clearly someone needs a better brain --> fingers --> public blog filter.

Love in infinite facepalming,
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I'm in Winnipeg because my grandmother died over the weekend. I'm not particularly upset; we were never close and she was two months shy of 100 and had severe Alzheimer's for the past five years. However my dad and aunt are quite upset so we got to sit around her nursing home room for all of Saturday waiting for her to stop breathing, which was highly awkward and mildly horrifying. (I believe in euthanasia; I wouldn't do that to my cat, why would I do that to my baba?)

And then, half an hour ago, I got a call from my dad telling me to call my mom at work because one of her oldest friends died in a car accident last night.
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So clearly, either it says something about my brain, or my interpretation of Pete and Ashlee and their relationship, or quite possibly both, that I honestly thought that the "Bronx" in Bronx Mowgli Wentz was a reference to the dog-like pet Bronx from Gargoyles for at least a good hour before I realized I was the only person on the entire internet who thought that. *facepalm*

To be honest, I'm kinda disappointed to have my illusions shattered. Being named for a Gargoyles reference would be infinitely more awesome than being named for the neighborhood you were conceived in, as seems to be the internets current theory.


Aug. 21st, 2008 10:17 am
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My life the past couple of weeks has consisted of being crazy busy and working my ass off followed by collapsing exhausted in front of my tv for hours at a time. I haven't been online much and I'm so far behind on my flist that catching has vanished from the realm of possibility. Hopefully, in time, my body will adjust to doing physical work all day and I will be cease being useless on weeknights, but until then I will be watching a lot of Law and Order and So You Think You Can Dance.

One of the things I was busy doing was art for [livejournal.com profile] fiddleyoumust for [livejournal.com profile] bigbangbandom. Actually, I did this piece twice, because I'm an idiot who forgot to save as he worked the first time. I got about three-quarters of it done on June 5th, the night it was due (yes, I realize my life would be easier if I stopped procrastinating :P), then my computer crashed and I lost everything I'd done that night. I sent any email to the mods letting them know what had happened, and asking if it would be ok if I got it to them Tuesday as I wouldn't have time to work on it over the weekend between MVK and volunteering on Saturday and D&D on Sunday. I didn't get a reply from the mods until Sunday. At that point I was offline for weekend so I didn't see it until Tuesday, but apparently, because I didn't respond to that email right away, they reassigned the story I was drawing for to a pinch-hitter. Not that they told me they had reassigned it. I found that out after the fact by poking around the pinch-hit post on the bbb artists comm. So I started my piece over Tuesday night and sent it in at four in the morning, which I realize was technically no longer Tuesday but that was the best I could do. I never got a reply from the mods after I sent it in and I can only assume it never got sent to [livejournal.com profile] fiddleyoumust either, so I'm posting it here.

I tried experimenting with more of a digital-painting type of style here. I like it, but I think I could use more practice as there were definitely times when I was going, "Ack! How do I do this without line art?". I'm actually kind of annoyed with the final piece, but mostly because it looked more like Brendon the first time and I just couldn't get the sketch quite right when I redid it.

Art for There Ain't No Cure For Love by fiddleyoumust (Brendon, SFW) )
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FedEx finally called me back, about three weeks after they said they would. I go in tomorrow to do the paperwork.

I almost had a job grooming horses at the racetrack last week, but I had to turn it down because the hours sucked. It was seven days a week, 5 am to noon and longer on weekends one of your horses is racing, and even though it adds up to more than 40 hours a week you don't get overtime because they pay a flat rate per horse per month instead of hourly. (Yes, this is all a little illeagal, but it's the horse industry, I'm not really surprised. You do it because you love them. I'd have taken the job if it wasn't seven days a week.)

Even though I ended up turning it down I did go in Friday and gave it a try (yes, they paid me for my time) and it made me realize how much I really miss the horses. The past seven months that I haven't been riding has been the longest stretch I've gone without being around horses since I started riding when I was nine. Hopefully now that I have a good paying job I'll be able to afford to get back into it.

Getting the job at FedEx also means that Bandcon is probably a go! \o/ I already don't work weekends so it's just a matter of getting the Friday off (and possibly the Thursday? BJ? Do you know when you're thinking of flying out?).

My Big Bang fic is... essentially non-existent. Oh well. I'll still be doing art for someone else's story.
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I've been pretty down the last couple of months, partly regarding my continued unemployment, but also largely around my social relationships.

introspective ramblings ahoy )

But navel-gazing aside, the real point of this post is that I've been a pretty bad friend the last while, either because I haven't thought it was my place to get close enough to people to be a good friend or because I've failed to respond to people trying to get in touch with me because I really don't want to talk about my life, as the case may be. There are definitely those of you who will be getting a separate personal apology but I'm sure I've not been a good friend in other cases without even realizing it. If so please let this post be both an apology and an invitation to give me a kick in the pants and tell me I've been a jerk.
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